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Eventsy is New York City's hottest upscale social company providing exclusive events and experiences for its members. Events range from weekly business networking happy hours in a relaxed environment, intimate signature dinners and vineyard tours, to riveting kayaking adventures, paintball competitions and rock climbing expeditions.

Achieving a work/life balance is becoming increasingly unattainable in today's fast-paced world. Planning your social life shouldn't be a chore or another item on your "to-do" list. Eventsy is dedicated to planning your social calendar and to bringing back the fun in your life.

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Having fun, making friends, and discovering new things shouldn't be another item on your never ending "to-do" list!

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Killer cocktails, pop-up dinners, extraordinary adventures, weekly happy hour events, cooking classes, speed networking, rock climbing courses, and more!


photographic exhibitions,
private events at the Museum of Modern Art, exclusive film screenings by New York's most exciting producers,
fashion runway shows,
architectural projects and more!


Weekly Happy Hour Business Networking Events, wine & cheese tastings, cocktail
parties exclusively for singles, private invites to new
restaurant, club and bar
openings, beer pairing cruises, and more!


Curated day trips complete with round trip transportation, trampoline dodgeball, group skydiving, Grand Canyon backpacking, scavenger hunts, ultimate frisbee
competitions, vineyard tours in the Hamptons, and more!


Concerts at the Barclays
Center, broadway shows, lively musical performances, celebrity book signings,
benefit gala events, comedy club parties, boat shows, and more!

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